[lit-ideas] Re: American poetic scene at the beginning of 72

  • From: Eric Yost <eyost1132@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:48:36 -0400

Mike: essentially, it's unimportant what Frost meant. What we mean is the meaning of the all existence. Well, yes, but, of course, that is just my interpretation. But it's the right one.

That's a pretty paradox you've (knowingly) painted yourself into, Mike.

I think everything in fiction and poetry is important. It's very important to have some sense of what the poet means in his or her poem, especially if the poet is distant in time or remote in culture. Think of the kennings in Old English poetry. Or think of more modern King James English, where "shambles" refers to a slaughterhouse and not to a mere state of disarray. On the other hand, you can disregard what poets intend for a while and sway into your own schooled or unschooled sense of what the poetry is. Everything's important and nothing is to be discounted. If I recall the thread correctly, this is the position you started with here, before you started emphasizing reception theory.

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