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"You wouldn't be detained. That's the whole point. You are identifying with the enemy."

Rather, I'm identifying, or trying to identify, with those people who have been wrongly detained. Clearly you didn't follow up John Wager's link about the circumstances of Gitmo detainees. The fact that they were detained does not make them enemies, but the fact of their detention might serve to make enemies out of them.

I'll ask the question again Eric: is victory over a perceived enemy a sufficient price for a totalitarian regime. Because that's what the US govt is creating and that's what you are advocating.

"Perhaps you should identify with those who were killed in the Tube Bombings? I hear nothing about them."

They haven't been forgotten. Neither has it been forgotten that the perpetrators had no connection with al Queda. Their crimes were committed, their views created, as a result of actions by the US and the UK in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Was it worth it? Fifty five families in the UK would say it wasn't. The same applies to a lot more families in Madrid.

What would you say to those families?


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