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Eric Yost wrote:

. . . .So to follow FDR's lead, we could bring them here, try them, and execute those convicted of being "enemy combatants."

The problem is that this would expose the whole show. Because 78.423% of all statistics is "invented," I propose that probably 75% of the people in Gitmo are there with entirely NO evidence whatsoever. They were picked up and "somebody" said they were harmful. But that person has long since disappeared; there is no evidence whatsoever to hold them. Having held them THIS LONG, however, it would reveal just how stupid the whole thing has been if we now try to try them.

Even for the fraction of people at Gitmo who ARE dangerous and ARE connected to the horrible attacks on the U.S., I propose that there is only enough evidence to convict 1% of them. The rest, even under the most strict military proceedings, would have to be released (along with the innocent) just because there is also no real evidence in their cases either.

Again, I strongly recommend listening to the radio show I cited here:


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