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Eric Yost wrote:

Ha-ha-ha. It's a marvel that people can even speak these words. More likely it's despair that these goons wouldn't be able to go on the jihadi bomb-vacation getaway ever again. Without being able to target the innocent, they became their own last victims.

We should take a cue from Khrushchev and sell them the rope.

"Them." What an inclusive term! It's always a "them" that deserve punishment (or reward).

What creates a "them?"

Specifically, what created the "them" at Guantanamo?

First, some of "them" (a tiny minority) are actual battlefield combatants who should be treated as prisoners of war.

But according to ALL the reports I've read and heard, the vast majority at Guantanamo are NOT connected to any anti-American action whatsoever. We paid a "bounty" to local allies to deliver into U.S. hands many people who were claimed by the locals to be "enemies" but with no documentation or evidence beyond the claims of the locals. What a good way to make a few hundred dollars, and get rid of somebody who nobody will miss, or get rid of somebody you don't like! That accounts for many of the "them" at Guantanmo.

Several of the "them" released from Guantanamo were interviewed after their release, and a Chicago NPR radio show devoted an hour to looking at the background of the "them" at Guantanamo. Here's the link to the show:


(There is also a link on this page to a PDF transcript of the show, for those who don't want to listen to an hour-long radio show through their computer.)

If you were walking down the street and your disagreeable neighbor clubbed you on the head, and the next thing you knew, you were in U.S. custody, and then it was 5 years later, and you were sitting in Cuba with NO legal representation, NO word from your family, NO indication that you would EVER be released, perhaps suicide would be worth it even if you DID have to pay for your own rope!

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