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Have you given FS the specs on your video driver? Some Dell units have a driver 
that JAWS doesn't like, and that may help to explain the transition from 
pre-JAWS-10 to now. JAWS 10 introduced a new paradigm in the Video Chaining 
management from VCM to the DCM, so I'm suspicious.

Have you escalated this in the Freedom Scientific organization? It should be, 
by all rights.


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  Thanks to all of you for your suggestions thus far.  Alice, you are 
absolutely right that this is the most frustrating thing I have experienced 
with regard to access on my job.  


  I've passed along your suggestions to our IT department as they are in a much 
better position to check or implement your recommendations.  I'll try to answer 
some of the questions.


    a.. I am running the latest updates to JAWS 11. 
    b.. We have run repairs and reinstalled the software both from the CD and 
from the web site and the issue persists. 
    c.. I had the same issue with JAWS 10. Previous to that I was running JAWS 
7 and didn't have the problem, but I'd hate to have to go back that far to find 
a fix. 
    d.. That it may be memory related has been considered and I recently got a 
new Dell with 4GB. While the crashing on my older Dell happens several times 
within an 8 hour period, the new Dell can sometimes go for several days without 
crashing, or it could crash within 2 hours of start-up. Bottom line, it still 
    e.. The antivirus/firewall connection has also been explored, and though it 
seems to have slowed up the frequency of the crashes, it didn't stop them. 
    f.. I'm not sure I can answer fully the questions about what's received 
from our network server and what's on my laptop, but here's what I know: 
      1.. JAWS is on my laptop and not the server. 
      2.. I can access Microsoft Office either on or off the server. 
      3.. I have to be connected to the server to send and receive e-mail via 
      4.. The speed is better when I'm not connected to the server and I often 
use my personal NetBook to work on files which I then transfer to my work 
laptop to save on the server. 
      5.. The last crash of my new Dell occurred when I was not connected to 
the network and during a public event for which I was the lead facilitator and 
we were using my laptop to work on a document using Word and displaying it on a 
screen. Very embarrassing! 

  I'm currently using a combination of my Old Dell and my personal NetBook 
while the new Dell is with our IT folks until a solution can be found.  


  Joe mentioned that he had the same problem with JAWS and his network server, 
but not with WindowEyes.  While I don't like to think about setting aside 
nearly 20 years of experience using JAWS to learn a new screen reader, that may 
prove the best solution.


  Thanks again, and please keep the ideas coming!







  Donna Smith

  Training Manager

  Easter Seals Project ACTION

  202-347-3066 or 800-659-6428



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  Hi, Donna, 

      JAWS: Job Access with speech? What a horrible misnomer in your case! I 
can only imagine how difficult this problem is making your job and how 
incredibly frustrated you must be! 

      Could there be something corrupt in the copy of the JAWS software? Maybe 
FS should send you a new copy, you could remove JAWS and all its bits and 
pieces from your computer, then reinstall the new hopefully uncorrupted copy? 

      I really don't know what I'm talking about here, and this is just a shot 
in the dark. (All you tech-brilliant people stop laughing now, and if everyone 
already thought of this long ago, sorry!) 

  For what it's worth, though, you really have my sympathy, and I hope this 
gets cleared up soon! 



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    Subject: Unusual JFW Crashing Problem


    Hi all.


    I am currently using JFW11 with Windows XP-Pro and Microsoft Office 2003.  
I have been experiencing a recurring problem since last October and our IT 
department along with support from JFW tech support have not been able to find 
a solution.  I can't believe that no one else has experienced this problem and 
so am joining this list to learn from your collective expertise.


    Here's the situation.


      a.. I'm on a network server for work. 
      b.. When using Microsoft programs such as Outlook or Word, the following 
things happen with JFW: 
      1.. There is a lag in the responsiveness of speech to the action I'm 
taking with key commands that grows more severe the longer I use the program. 
      2.. Once the lag gets really severe (e.g., I can type a whole sentence 
before it decides to read it to me or I have to hit control-home 4-5 times and 
wait before it actually starts reading from the top of the document), I then 
get an error message telling me that the JAWS application must close. 
      3.. My only option at this time is to quickly save anything I'm working 
on (not always an option, but I can do it if I act quickly enough), then I 
click OK and have to reboot. 
      4.. The JAWS application must close dialog box gives me the option of 
debugging, but it doesn't actually allow me to click this option.  OK is my 
only active option. 
      5.. Once I restart, it works fine for a little while and then it starts 
all over again. 
      6.. The frequency ranges from every couple of hours to perhaps 5 or 6 
hours before the crash occurs and it always repeats. 
      7.. It doesn't happen while using web-based applications such as our 
online database or several online forums we host. 

    Okay, too funny, but it just crashed while writing this message.  Here is 
more information about the crash message:


    It says "JAWS application has encountered an exception break point and must 
close."  It gives some numbers that I can't follow and then says "Click OK to 
close or Cancel to debug."  However, as I mentioned earlier, hitting OK is the 
only action it will actually allow.


    This is the most frustrating problem I have ever encountered as it 
significantly interferes with my work on a daily basis.  I am seriously 
considering changing to Window Eyes or even a Mac though Macs aren't supported 
by our IT department and would not be directly compatible with the rest of my 


    Please let me know if anyone else has experienced such a problem and if 
there are any solutions out there that may work to fix this.  







    Donna Smith

    Training Manager

    Easter Seals Project ACTION

    202-347-3066 or 800-659-6428



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