Problem with JFW 11 and Autoarchiving in Outlook Express

  • From: Ray Campbell <ray.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 14:31:32 +0000

Hello All:

I've run across an interesting problem.  I had a client call on me yesterday, 
and the problem he called about was his inability to delete messages from 
folders in Outlook Express.  He's running Windows XP Home I believe, with JAWS 
11.0.756U.  Well, what I was prepared to do is to remove the inbox.dbx and sent 
items.dbx files and force OE to create new ones, thinking there was some 
corruption somewhere.  I identified the store folder, then went to close OE.  
When I closed OE, I got a message that OE wanted to autoarchive messages.  My 
client said he'd been getting this each time he closed out of OE and had 
pressed alt-F4 to skip it.  I hit OK to let the autoarchive process begin.

Autoarchive seemed to be doing its thing, but after a few minutes of copying 
and compacting messages, all of a sudden, JAWS wouldn't say anything -- it had 
been giving me percentages.  When I pressed various keys, JAWS wouldn't speak 
and it appeared the computer was frozen.

We re-started the computer and brought up OE.  Well, the delete problem is 
solved, but my client still gets the prompt for autoarchive when he closes OE.  
I had him hit OK when it happened, JAWS told us it was copying and compacting, 
then again, the computer appeared to freeze.

What I think is happening is that either the Autoarchiving process isn't 
finishing like it should, or, there's a bug in JAWS.  Has anyone seen this and 
if so, can you give me some ideas of what I might try?  I didn't try checking 
for updates in JAWS, and will probably do that next time I speak to the client.


Ray Campbell, Adaptive Technology Help Desk Technician
The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
1850 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL  60608
312.997.3651 (Voice/Relay) or 888.825.0080 (Voice/Relay)

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