Re: JAWS and Verizon

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Hi David,

I have no problem with my own ISP, so I'm not getting into this. But what do 
you mean by the Verizon bios? I thought bios was a technical term, a 
programmer's term for some essential component of an operating system, or 
something like that. Is it also a term that attaches to broadband Internet 
service providers, or specifically to Verizon's technical specifications? 
Sorry, I'm just not very technically sophisticated. Thanks for explaining.
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I have used verizon bios for some time. I find it easy to use, very few 
provider problems and their customer service has been very patient and 
competent in helping with the few problems I have had.

I use jfw 7.1 and jfw 9 and both work well with Verizons.

I used to have cablevision and they were awful so I am glad I switched about 
a year ago.


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