Re: JAWS and Verizon

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First of all, I'm cracking up. You have turned my email handle, which is an 
old, well known nickname for the jazz alto player Charlie Parker and an old 
Southern black expression ("yardbird," one word) into some sort of ersatz 
German Jewish surname! Like, "My parent's had a dinner party and invited the 
Goldsteins and the Yardbergs." LOL

Anyway, look, I'm not on a mountaintop somewhere. I'm in Los Angeles. We 
have Verizon, and it has all sorts of plans and services. But I never have 
spent any time looking through all their offerings, because I just use them 
for my cell phone, and that's that. Now if I were sighted, and happened to 
just see something about that service or feature every time I went to the 
Verizon site, that would be different. But I'm a Jaws guy, so I just use 
single letter commands, the Find function, the Jaws links list, and that 
sort of thing to skip to where I want to go. So I don't arrow down the page 
and hear about everything. So it's me, not a problem with not being in a 
happening place like Jersey! Just teasing.
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    Hi Yardbverg and all. Sorry for the confusion. Bios is Berizons very 
fast connection. I think it is new this past year and may not be available 
everywhere. I live in New Jersey it is available around here.


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