Re: JAWS and Verizon

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Hello David,

I hope that you'll pardon this question, but I was just wonderingsince your 
using verizon's fios service, how accessible is it's usehow's the sound 
quality, and canyou use their movieson demand channels, which you can't use 
using time warner cable service.  I myself,am going to make the switch to 
verizon's fios service when it becomes available in my area, but as of yet, 
they can't give me any time frame when that might happen, so that's why 
I'masking these questions.  Hope you don't mind my asking.         s ince 
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  I have used verizon bios for some time. I find it easy to use, very few 
provider problems and their customer service has been very patient and 
competent in helping with the few problems I have had.

  I use jfw 7.1 and jfw 9 and both work well with Verizons.

  I used to have cablevision and they were awful so I am glad I switched about 
a year ago.


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