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  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 19:16:02 -0000

I really think FS should change their policies. One idea is user-centered
licensing. Each user who buys JAWS will get a unique username. This username
can then be used, along with the 20-digit authorization number, to activate
the software. Just my thoughts and this will eliminate the need to reset

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Go to the top.  Ask for a supervisor or the head of an appropriate
department.  Do not settle.  Keep going up the food chain.  Ask who is able
to over ride what they are currently telling you.  Ask who has decision
making authority.  Sorry this is happening to you.  Email if you need more

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I don't know how I feel; I couldn't describe it any other way but really
bad.  I've always paid for all my software, from my OS,utilities, security,
and my screen reader etcetera. I don't engage in any piracy. 

        Last week I bought a high-specs Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 and
loved all its features but finally had to return it because I was having
several issues with Jaws version 11.. I thought it was just the laptop. Any
simple change I make with it like updating the OS or drivers would trigger a
Jaws video driver error and that terrible thing about Jaws not being
authorized. So, wasted some authorization count on that. This week, I
received my customized laptop from Dell which is a Studio 16 XPS. Again, I
cannot make any change to the system without triggering that error message
about Jaws video driver error and "Jaws is not activated. But OK, I can work
with Jaws tech support to resolve these. I am patient for a solution and so
I thought. But while a solution is being work out, I still need to work so I
need to have my activation count reset so I can fall back to my old system
and reinstall Jaws on to it. I emailed FS explaining the situation and I get
an offensive email that I am only being given 1 activation count because
there has been a reset request within the past 60 days. This in spite that I
have been in communication with a tech support person. I emailed them again
explaining that I'm not at fault etcetera but I am being stonewalled despite
that I have been respectful all the way in all my communication. Moreover, I
checked my activation count and there was 0 not even the promised 1
        What am I suppose to do now? I feel so violated. I also need to
work. Is there really no redress for things of these sort? I just paid for
my SMA and I'm supposed to be good for until version 13. Folks, it is me
that is having the trouble this time but it could easily be you next time.
So, any thoughts on what I can do?

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