RE: FS activate

  • From: "Brian Giles" <briangiles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:50:06 -0700

Wow! And  I thought I was the only one having serious problems activating
JAWS in Windows 7. I had to call FS three times last week because I kept
losing authorization, and the only way I could get a new key was to have a
support person activate it for me. The second time I got a ticket number,
and the person I talked to seemed understandably upset. When I called them
on Monday, I talked to a guy who seemed a bit more knowledgeable about
windows 7. Seems like by setting my UAC setting lower I was able to activate
over the Internet, though my screen still said it was waiting for an
activation key. Went into my about box and my serial number showed up, so
I'm good for now at least.

I think what lost the authorization the first time was trying to run PAC
Mate desktop, though I'm not sure. The second time, all I did was go in and
change my computer's name for Bluetooth devices. I don't know why that would
change my locking code, but it did.

Right now I'm using JAWS 10, and I almost upgraded my SMA because people
think it's because I'm running a version of JAWS that doesn't fully support
Windows 7. It sounds like from the list, though, that it wouldn't make a

To get me through last weekend, I set up an SA to go account. It got me by,
but at least for me JAWS is worlds better. One of the things I like about it
is that it is so powerful. A beginning computer user can use it, but there
are also some really neat things you can do with some of those features if
you do want to use them. Like for me, I feel lost without my custom sound
schemes. Last year I borrowed a friend's laptop while I was away just so I
could run JAWS off my thumb drive and have all my settings. He had fun
teasing me about that and called me a princess. LOL

I've thought about getting a dongle, and I'd do it if you didn't have to
install video intercept on another computer. Then I'd be able to use JAWS on
any computer on my college campus. Sometimes that would be helpful, because
I find it easier to work on assignments sometimes when I'm away from
distractions at my dorm.


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