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ISAserver.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to ISAserver.org last month:

Title:  Exporting and Importing Troublesome ISA Server Rule bases from 2004 to 
Author: David Maskell
Summary:        How to Export and Import ISA Server 2004 Rule bases to ISA 
Server 2006.

Title:  ISA 2006 Web Caching
Author: Thomas Shinder
Link:   http://www.ISAserver.org/tutorials/ISA-2006-Web-Caching.html
Summary:        Web caching aspects of the ISA Firewall.

Title:  Product Review: Collective Software's ClearTunnel
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        Your ISA Firewall's Web Filters are powerless to inspect 
outbound SSL connections for unauthorized Web browsing, viruses, trojans, Web 
exploits and prohibited content. This can be happening right under your 
firewall's nose and you won't find out until it's too late! This review on 
Collective Software's ClearTunnel shows how you can protect yourself from the 
SSL Security Hole.

Title:  Publishing Exchange 2007 Outlook Autodiscover with 2006 ISA Firewalls
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        Using two Web Listeners to publish both the OWA, ActiveSync and 
Outlook Anywhere and the Outlook Autodiscover sites. 

Title:  Win a Copy of Collective Software's ClearTunnel or a 3CX Phone System!
Author: Site Admin
Link:   http://www.ISAserver.org/news/ISAserver-Site-Survey-2007.html
Summary:        We are offering ISAserver.org visitors the opportunity to win a 
copy of Collective Software’s ClearTunnel, or a 3CX Phone System.

Title:  On Web Listeners and Web Publishing Rules 
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        How to publish the autodiscovery feature that allows the 
Outlook 2007 client to automatically configure itself to use the ISA Firewall 
as its reverse Web Proxy.

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