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ISAserver.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to ISAserver.org last month:

Title:  GFI WebMonitor Voted ISAserver.org Readers’ Choice Award Winner - 
Access Control 
Author: The Editor
Summary:        GFI WebMonitor was selected the winner in the Access Control 
category of the ISAserver.org Readers’ Choice awards. Websense Enterprise and 
bt-WebFilter were runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

Title:  Prevent Denial of Service Attacks with Lockout Guard
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        Denial of service attacks are a potential security issue when 
publishing secure Web sites using the ISA Firewall. Collective Software helps 
us solve this problem with its new authentication Filter, LockoutGuard. This 
article describes the Denial of Service problem and shows how LockoutGuard 
helps solve the problem.

Title:  ISAserver.org Readers' Choice Awards Yearly Round Up 2007
Author: The Editor
Summary:        The winning solutions for the 2007 Readers' Choice awards.

Title:  How to automatically deploy the Microsoft Firewall client
Author: Marc Grote
Summary:        How to automatically deploy the Microsoft ISA Server 2006 
Firewall client for Windows XP and Windows Vista clients with the help of the 
Software distribution process through Windows Server 2003 Group Policies.

Title:  Teaching the Boss and the Network Guys About the ISA Firewall (Part 3)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        How the ISA Firewall can be used as a integrated firewall and 
Web proxy and caching server, how it can be used to protect Exchange Servers, 
and how it protects SharePoint and IIS Web sites.

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