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Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Configuring ISA Server for Incoming Ping Responses -- By Dieter Rauscher
Summary: Having problems configuring your ISA Server to accept incoming Ping 
requests? You generally don't want to allow inbound ping, but it is useful for 
testing purposes. Dieter Rauscher shows you how to get ping working on the 
external interface in this article.

Title: Chat Transcript -- May 29 2003
Summary: Here's the transcript for today's chat (May 29, 2003). 
Very good conversation and some info on publishing Exchange RPC, just in case 
you've been having problems with it!

Title: Joining Private Networks over the Internet: Back to Back ISA Server DMZs 
on Both Sides, Part 2
Summary: In part 1 of this two part article on how to join private networks 
where both sides are using a back to back DMZ configuration, we discussed the 
basic principles of the design and went through the details of the network 
configuration and setting up the connection between the external ISA Server 
firewall VPN gateways. In this article we?ll continue where we left off.

Title: - New Network Software Directory Launched
Summary: We're pleased to announce the launch of <A 
href=''></a>, a directory of server 
based software for your Windows 2000/NT & .NET network. A no frills site that 
gives administrators and decision makers just what they need - reliable 
software listings in over 75 categories including "Intrusion Detection", 
"Security Scanners" and "Network Auditing". You'll be able to read about other 
user's experiences with the software listed or you can post your own comments. 
The site will be continuously updated with new listings so make 
your first stop when you need to find a software solution that's right for your 

Title: Installing ISA Server 2000 on Windows Server 2003
Summary: Now that Windows Server 2003 is officially released, and ISA Server is 
officially supported on Windows Server 2003, we can get to the business of 
testing out ISA Server on Windows Server 2003 machines. There are many 
compelling reasons to run ISA Server on a Windows Server 2003 machine. Check 
out the article to find out what they are!

Title: Chat Transcript for May 13 2003
Summary: John Tolmachoff was our featured ISA Server Expert for this chat, 
check it out!

Title: How to use Kazaa P2P file sharing behind an ISA server - By Greg 
Summary: Many requests have been made of late regarding the use of popular file 
sharing programs. Kazaa is one of the most popular ones around with the widest 
network. Therefore, I have decided to take a time out and jot down some 
guidelines on how to get this running. 

Title: Using ISA Server with Starband / BT Openworld 2-way (Gilat-based) 
Satellite Connection - By Marcus Toovey
Summary: I?ve noticed a number of posts in forums about how to set up ISA 
Server to work with a Starband (and other Gilat based 2 way satellite internet 
connection). I thought that as I am using the connection it was time to set up 
ISA Server on the gateway PC running the Starband software and see whether it 
could be made to work.

Title: Chat Transcript for May 8 2003
Summary: If you missed the chat today, you can check out the transcript here. 
Hope to see you next week!

Title: Firewall Fault Tolerance: Windows 2000 NLB versus RainWall
Summary: Uptime is the clarion call of the network admin. File servers need to 
be up, mail servers need to be up, Web servers need to be up and database 
servers need to be up. All these servers need to be up and doing their jobs 
around the clock. These days the life?s blood of your business is your Internet 
connection, which means you also need your firewall to be fault tolerant. But 
is NLB enough or do you need something beefier to do the heavy lifting? Find 
out here!

Title: Announces Weekly Chats
Summary: is proud to announce its weekly chat series. Check 
inside for details.

Title: NLB vs. RainWall High Availability for ISA Server
Summary: Want to know more about ISA Server High Availability? Fault tolerance 
and load balancing is great, but how best to achieve it? Enter to find out!

Title: Joining Private Networks over the Internet: Back to Back ISA Server DMZs 
on Both Sides, Part 1
Summary: A subject we haven?t covered yet is a gateway to gateway link when you 
have two ISA Servers at each site in a back to back private address DMZ. You 
create the first gateway to gateway link between the external ISA Servers, and 
then create the second gateway to gateway link between the internal ISA Server 
inside the first tunnel between the external ISA Servers. Want to know how to 
do it? Come inside!

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