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New articles added to last month:

Title: Configuring ISA Server 2000 to Support Outlook 2003 RPC over HTTP - Part 
2: Forcing SSL on the RPC Directories and Configuring IPSec Security on the 
Front-end and Back-End Exchange Servers
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: In the first part of this series on configuring ISA Server 2000 
firewalls to support Outlook RPC over HTTP client connections we went over how 
to configure some of the core network infrastructure components to support the 
RPC over HTTP publishing solution. We also discussed how to install the RPC 
over HTTP proxy service on the front-end Exchange Server and how to issue a Web 
site certificate to the RPC over HTTP Web server. We continue the adventure by 
showing you how to force SSL on the RPC directory, configure the Registry 
entries on the front-end Exchange Server, and enforce IPSec encryption between 
the front-end and back-end Exchange Servers.

Title: Using Remote Control Applications to Support ISA Server Troubleshooting: 
RapidAssist Comes to the Rescue
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: If you ever tried to help somebody with an ISA Server firewall problem 
who was located in a remote location, then you know how hard it can be to get 
to the root of the problem. A remote control solution might be just what you 
need to smooth our your remote assistance issues. Check out this article and 
see what might be the most firewall friendly remote assistance app out there!

Title: Introducing the ISA Server 2000 Application Layer Filtering Kit
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: ISA Server 2000 is a sophisticated, intelligent application layer 
filtering and inspection firewall that can protect networks against the network 
attacks of today and tomorrow. ISA Server 2000 firewalls can be used instead of 
traditional stateful filtering firewalls or in conjunction with an existing 
packet filtering firewall infrastructure. ISA Server 2000?s application layer 
filtering and inspection mechanisms provide the ideal level of network security 
and protection for Internet facing Microsoft servers and services, and provide 
powerful protection as part of an unwanted email and network attack defense in 
depth strategy. Check out this ISA Server 2000 Application Layer Filtering kit 
and get all the details now!

Title: Announcing the ISA Server 2000 SharePoint Portal Server Deployment Kit
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: In response to popular demand, we put together an ISA Server 2000 
SharePoint Portal Server Deployment Kit. If you have a SharePoint Portal Server 
in production, or if you?re thinking about trying out SharePoint Portal Server, 
then do yourself a favor and check out the ISA Server 2000 SharePoint Portal 
Server Deployment Kit. I?m confident that you?ll cut many hours out of your 
troubleshooting time and spend less time on the phone with Microsoft PSS!

Title: Enterprise Class VPN Fast and Easy with Celestix RAS3000
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: Looking for a dedicated VPN Server for your Microsoft Network? If so, 
you're in for a treat! Check out this review of the Celestix RAS3000 and see 
how it just might be the perfect VPN solution for you.

Title: Configuring a Spam and Attachment Filtering SMTP Relay on the ISA Server 
2000 Firewall - Part 2: Configuring the Server Publishing Rules and SMTP Filter 
and Message Screener
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: In part 1 of this two part article on configuring the ISA Server 2000 
firewall as a spam and attachment filtering SMTP relay, we discussed the issues 
of spam and attachment control and anti-spam Defense in Depth. Detailed step by 
step instructions were provided on how to install and configure the IIS SMTP 
service on the ISA Server 2000 firewall, disable socket pooling for the SMTP 
service and create remote domains for your email domains. In this, part 2 of 
this two part series, we go over the details of configuring the Server 
Publishing Rules and the SMTP Message Screener.

Title: Placing ISA Server 2000 into Networks with an Existing Firewall 
Infrastructure and Other ISA Server 2000 Firewall Topologies
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: Questions from firewall administrators from both of these groups 
appear on the Web boards and mailing list every day. Answers to 
these questions vary based on the specific requirements brought up in each 
question. However, there are a core number of firewall topologies that form the 
basis of most answers for the question "where should I place the ISA Server 
2000 firewall?"In this article we?ll review a set of common and popular ISA 
Server 2000 firewall topologies. Some of these topologies include how to place 
the ISA Server 2000 firewall into an existing firewall infrastructure and some 
of them demonstrate how to configure a secure, ISA Server 2000-only firewall 

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