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ISAserver.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to ISAserver.org last month:

Title:  HP ProLiant Security Server Voted ISAserver.org Readers’ Choice Award 
Winner - Content Security
Author: Site Admin
Summary:        HP ProLiant Security Server was selected the winner in the 
Hardware Appliances category of the ISAserver.org Readers’ Choice awards. 
Celestix MSA Series and Avantis ContentCache were runner-up and second 
runner-up respectively.

Title:  ISA Server 2006 Backup and Restore Capabilities
Author: Marc Grote
Summary:        How to back up and restore the entire ISA Server 2006 
configuration or parts of the configuration and how to back up ISA Server log 

Title:  Publishing a Windows Server 2008 SSL VPN Server Using ISA 2006 
Firewalls (Part 2)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        How to configure a user account to allow dial-up access and 
then configure the CDP to allow anonymous HTTP connections. Then we will finish 
up by configuring the ISA Firewall to allow the required connections to the VPN 
server and the CDP Web site.

Title:  ISA Server 2006 Flood Mitigation
Author: Marc Grote
Link:   http://www.ISAserver.org/tutorials/ISA-Server-2006-Flood-Mitigation.html
Summary:        How ISA Server 2006 Flood Mitigation protects against different 
attacks like SYN flooding, worms, and an unexpected large number of TCP and/or 
UDP connections.

Title:  Publishing a Windows Server 2008 SSL VPN Server Using ISA 2006 
Firewalls (Part 1)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary:        How to configure an SSTP VPN server and how to configure the 
ISA Firewall to allow inbound connections from SSTP VPN client to the SSTP VPN 

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