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  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 18:47:04 -0500

Just realized, we've completly strayed from the magnetic
window border topic that started this.

I do like the magnetic borders, but would want them to
have a pref that would turn them on and off, with a modifier
key to togle them oppsite whatever the pref was.

can that be done outside the app-server/window manager?

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> This sort of an app could be coded with the tools that are already
> available.  Run a query (OS scripting) to all the open windows, asking
> their current position. Then save it as a snapshot, with each item being
> saved with the application mimetype and the coordinates.  Then you could
> customize the profile (like, if you want the proggy to be launched if it's
> not up and about).  So you hit <ctrl-shift-something-or-another> and
> boom!  everything gets sent to place, and the apps that have the launch
> flags (like IM apps) would be all set.
> Not everything has to be chucked into the app_server.
> Isaac

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