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  • From: "Guy Haviv" <mul_m7m@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:41:31 +0200

i was actually thinking about trying to implement the "layout" thingie in
anyone else thinks its useful? (i might give it a shot)..

i was always using BeIDE , 2 eddie windows and BeDC to fill the screen
completly so it looks like a normal maximized IDE.
i thought it would be very useful to have something launched this way. (and
also it should'nt be too hard to script the windows into these positions...)


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Jeremiah, what you suggested immediately gave me ideas.  Let me explain
them, and let me know if this is what you were thinking:

If you've ever used a split window view in a text editor, then you know what
I'm thinking.  Imagine an application running maximized.  There are two
small tabs along the edge of the screen, one on the bottom and one on the
right hand side.  By dragging these into the screen, you would divide the
screen in half.  For example, you could drag the bottom tab to the middle of
the screen and have two rows.  Then in the bottom row you could drag its
right tab to the middle, and you end up with two columns in the bottom row.
Then you could have a miniwindow with titles of the applications and drag
their names into each cell to place it there.

Also, some WM's have desktops to keep windows seperated.  Maybe the Window
Layout would keep track of all the different available layouts, and treat
them as if they were themselves windows (perhaps always maximized).  You
could have a "communications" layout, which had an email client in the top
row, and an address book in the bottom row, and an IM client in a right
column beside the other two.  You could minimize the Communications Layout,
and all three would minimize.  Next time you restore it, they all come up in
the same positions.

Is this close to what you were thinking?

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