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  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 18:43:46 -0500

That's pretty cool.
I didn't know you could do it that way.

What you have to realize though, is that I'm not that smart.. lol
I want it to be dumbed down for me.

I don't really care how I get there whether it be in the app-server
or through some type of add-on or even just a graphical front end
on the "OS scripting" you're talking about

however this still won't do everything I want it to.

If I'm understanding you correctly, I would have to make
a "signature" for each configuration of programs that I want to run.
what I'm wanting is a blank set of windows that I can drop the programs
in whatever order I'm in the mood for.

say I have a three window signature:
window one in the upper left 640x480
window two in the lower left 1024x300
and window three in the upper right 300x400

I want win1 to be my e-mail, win2 to be my web browser and win3 to be my IM

but, and here's the hard part, I want to be able to save just the size and
not the program. then later if I want win1 to be the browser and 2 to be the
I can just drop them into the layout.

obviously this won't work with all programs do to the fact that they won't
all size to every
possibility, but I'm just talking anyway. I don't have the know-how to do
any of this
I just think it would be cool.

what you're proposing doesn't sound too bad though..
how hard would it be to put an easy front end on it?

Thanks for the conversation.
Its helping to alleviate my boredom

More thoughts?


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> This sort of an app could be coded with the tools that are already
> available.  Run a query (OS scripting) to all the open windows, asking
> their current position. Then save it as a snapshot, with each item being
> saved with the application mimetype and the coordinates.  Then you could
> customize the profile (like, if you want the proggy to be launched if it's
> not up and about).  So you hit <ctrl-shift-something-or-another> and
> boom!  everything gets sent to place, and the apps that have the launch
> flags (like IM apps) would be all set.
> Not everything has to be chucked into the app_server.
> Isaac

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