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  • Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 18:00:17 -0500

Yeah, I guess you could relate it to workspaces.

the window sizes shouldn't be immutable.
You should be able to set a finite number of
windows on the screen and then save the size and position.
(not the program)

then drop whatever program you wish into whichever saved
size and position you wanted it in.

As you said, it won't work with all windows.
(And you may just be giving the avarage user enough rope to hang himself..
I don't know what the interface should do if
you have a window that can't be resized.
maybe just use the x y coordinates and ignore the height and width?
(I don't think it would work if you scaled the interface
you would end up with many different sized buttons on the screen
which would look unprofessional.. correct me if I'm wrong)

I would use it mostly for e-mail, web browser, word processor
and image editors, which should be resizable.

Of course with programs that have floating pallets such as
image editors you run into a whole new set of problems.

It's sounding like just saving a program specific layout
rather than a generic is more feasible, but I still think that
if you could find a way to make the generic work it would
be very cool.

As I said, I'm not a programmer, but...
If you do decide to create something like you're talking
about then I would be more than happy to test it for you. ;-)


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> > window one in the upper left 640x480
> > window two in the lower left 1024x300
> > and window three in the upper right 300x400
> OK, so like a workspaces app, except for parts of the window, instead of
> moving them around.
> actually, this reminds me a lot of the Star Trek interface, where there
> (seems to be) a pretty much fixed-size interface for everything, and stuff
> (either gets scaled) or whatever to fit in (and what I suspect MacOS,
> --and Opera/Wagner-- was really aiming for).  It might be neat to
> construct something like this as a (radical, experimental) window
> decorator, just to see what happens.
> Again, this sort of thing could be done with scripting (not too
> difficult-ly), but you'd run up against the problem of:  What if the
> application writer wanted the window to be non-resizeable.  So your
> 640x480 window wasn't fully occupied.  Would there be blank space left
> over?
> Isaac

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