[haiku] Re: Ideas for a marketing push!

  • From: Frans van den Berge <fvandenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:14:45 +0100


Then the conclusion can be there can not yet be a marketingpush since the product cannot be finalized just yet and there is not yet a set timeline wich justifies a marketingpush.


Op 11-11-2011 18:04, Jerry Babione schreef:
On 11/11/11, Frans van den Berge<fvandenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Why all technical stuff in a marketing related topic?



The Technical is what will sell the product in the end.  We have to
show that not only are we better, more reliable, and less costly but
that ther is never a need for anything else.

The industry changes hourly.  If we can get started with the proper
communities then there is no stopping us.

The problem is choice.  We have to present ourselves in a manner that
makes us the best and most logical choice to the most people.

The past shows us that superior products are not always the most
successful.  "The Operating System is as good as it has to be.", Bill

We can and will do better.  There are too many of us not to!  Together
we can make the right choices.  Seperate and we will fail.

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