[haiku] Re: Ideas for a marketing push!

  • From: Jerry Babione <jerry.babione@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 13:05:48 +0000

I ment HTML 5 Browser folks, Don't beat me up too bad. :-)

On 11/10/11, Jerry Babione <jerry.babione@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11/10/11, Arnold <arnoldvanh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> If 10 people in 10 different countries would pay 100 euro (=1000 euro) a
>>> batch of USB sticks can be purchased. they will become the distributeur
>>> of
>>> their country. (I'm one).
>> Too late! You can buy your USB-sticks from me :P
>> I don't think HAIKU is waiting for distributors / resellers.
>> Like the spamming lady (I received an invitation to join gmail from
>> her) earlier, should HAIKU become involved into commercial bounds,
>> which HAIKU Inc is protecting HAIKU from afaik, there would be similar
>> reaction from the developers like Joomla OpenIndiana LibreOffice have
>> shown earlier.
>> The other thing is should we have a marketing action for a Beta
>> release or is this a warming up (learning proces) for the real R1
>> release?
>> Regards,
>> Arnold
> Mornig Folks,
> The discussions have gone from one extreem to another, as discussions
> often do.  The Point is this. My Companies are real. I deal with real
> people. The real people want to get on the Internet, do Facebook,
> research random things, Play some games, do their checkbooks, and if a
> business support their business needs.
> The utilities are here to do this now.  (Sure BeFinancial has bee
> around for a long time, but it works on Haiku and looks modern.), We
> Need a front end for the CDRW/DVDRW utilities, Helious is clunky.
> CL-Amp does what the normal person wants from a music player and more.
> I could go on but I'd be rehashing what has already been said.
> Metro Styling looses the flavor, look and feel of the product.  That's
> what is becomming standard on Windows Phones and Proposed for Windows
> 8.
> NOW IS THE TIME for an OS with all the tools ( SIMPLE to USE Tools) to
> step up.   I despise Ubuntu 11.04 because of the slick approach to the
> consumer.  Windows 8 will have its sales reguardless of my
> preferences.  Haiku can be one of the best Linux systems ever fielded
> if we can get our act together.
> The main thing needed now is the HTML Browser, and please don't kill
> the WYSWYG (Mozilla Suite) It can be set to give usere Operating
> Environments which restrict access without blocking functionality.
> The Kit Browsers have a malaware (Spelling I know) block that kills
> local execution of binaries without a download.
> Quick Easy Applications for the User to meet their needs.  Take care
> of that and the bottom line takers care of itself.
> --
> Jerry Babione
> Founder-Just Plain Folks Org. Inc.

Jerry Babione
Founder-Just Plain Folks Org. Inc.

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