[haiku] Ideas for a marketing push!

  • From: Matt Nawrocki <matthew.nawrocki@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 23:24:10 -0500

Hello gentlemen:

  So it is my understanding that Haiku is possibly approaching a beta
release fairly soon. Because of this, I really want the project members to
think long and hard about how we are going to help Haiku gain acceptance as
an operating system for use by the general public. I think we need to start
pushing Haiku aggressively towards big box OEM PC companies or, if that is
mostly a tall order, to perhaps look into companies like Roland or the like
in order to gain a corporate sponsor.

A good way to start off our marketing push is to have a big name computer
company backing Haiku up. PC-BSD for instance has iXsystems, a company that
makes servers and workstations, helping the PC-BSD project out with
financial needs as well as giving the software a front for business. Haiku,
although seemingly more narrow with a primary focus on the desktop, really
can gain acceptance and possibly further project financing and bring in more
code monkeys if we also gain a corporate sponsor. I don't want to see Haiku
relegated to the heap of many other random niche operating systems that
currently exist out there. I want it to have continual staying power and
great marketing.

Anyway, does anyone have any cool ideas for marketing Haiku to the general
public? It would be nice if we could have a fanatic public lining up to buy
Haiku powered equipment and stuff, just like the Japanese did here back in
the late 90s for BeOS.


I think we can replicate this experience, and bring Haiku to the forefront
as a serious OS with great features, unprecedented flexibility and excellent
ease of use. Anyone with me? :)


Matt Nawrocki

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