[haiku-development] Re: Default Font Choice In Haiku should likely be changed

  • From: Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 22:24:47 +0200


On 19.09.2011 21:54, SMC.Collins wrote:
> Well, that really is nonsense, sorry. You might run your 16:9 monitor
> with a 4:3 resolution, in which case text or anything for that matter
> will look blurry. If this is the case and you think Droid looks fine in
> this situation, it is pure coincidence. But really, running at a native
> monitor resolution, the aspect ratio /can/ not have anything to with how
> good or bad a font looks.

I have looked at the fonts at the native and proper 1920x1080 on a
native 1920x1080 monitor and also with a 19 inch 4:3. These are my
observations, I have asked others for their thoughts.

That's OK, I understand it's your observation. I just don't get how it would be even possible that the monitor aspect ratio has anything to do with whether a font looks good or not. If you display just a few glyphs full screen, I could imagine that there might be some asthetical correspondence between the aspect ratio of the glyphs and the image, but for regular on-screen text, I really don't get it.

> I have given my
opinion,I did preface that this was not a scientific study. I was
looking to get feedback on if there was any desire to perhaps review the
fonts settings at all. A question that still remains unanswered.

You have started this discussion, and nobody tried to stop it. Some people just want some more substantial reasons for changing the default font. Obviously nobody with commit rights felt a great need to change to another font up until now, so why would it be invalid to ask for good reasons before just doing so?

/I used the droid and Wey fonts because they were in the optional
package repository and because they worked properly. Some TTF fonts
don't.//As to what fonts to use ?? That would require screen shots and
discussion. Do you have a few in mind ?

No, that's why I am asking you! :-) And I asked first!

> I guess the next step in this
process would be to determine if the default font settings should be

That is besides the point, IMHO. If Dejavu were so bad, somebody would have changed it by now. But that doesn't mean we can't change it anyway when something better is proposed. But you are the one who feels strongly about it, so why don't you propose some fonts to check out? (Besides Droid, for reasons already given - which doesn't mean we would never switch to Droid.)

What would be your next step in the process ? I don't have a
good understanding of how the Haiku community generally goes about
petitioning or changing base system settings etc.

There isn't really the need for something formal like that already. If you propose some cool alternative font that most everybody thinks is better looking than Dejavu, it might just be changed without fuss. Only if there cannot be any consensus reached, we would do something like a vote.

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