[haiku-development] Re: Default Font Choice In Haiku should likely be changed

  • From: Sean Collins <smc.collins@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 23:40:05 -0400

Stephan Aßmus wrote:

I would be really interested in some actual arguments, why the Dejavu fonts don't "cut it" for readability and appearance. I am sure that at least for readability, there must be some real arguments to back this up. Personally, I find Dejavu to be one of the best readable fonts, since it has a very clean and homogenous appearance.

I will preface the following statements with alot of opinion and a spattering of facts. I haven't done any in depth study other then to expose potential/testsubjects etc, users to various Haiku color and font scheme, little documentation but enough note taking to imply general trending. I would like to do some community study to go further with this if the community deems a review of default font type and sizing is a good idea.

 the problem with the current fonts is Ii and Ll

incredibly difficult to read. Hard to discern as well as 0Oo

The current fonts just look bad, plain IMHO and flatly, don't match the character of the system. I am not suggesting Droid is the best font for Haiku ( i hope the previous emails statements didn't come across the way). I am suggesting there are better fonts then the default currently in use.

I remember that there was a thread about the Droid fonts, but on one hand you say there was no arguing about the actual selection of the default font, yet you say most people prefer the Droid fonts. Personally, I think the Droid fonts are pretty, but I wonder whether they are a good candidate to replace Dejavu, since they are so heavily associated with Android. Dejavu has been in use for years by open projects, they are not particularily associated with any one specifically, that I am aware of. (And that by the way, is a pretty strong argument against your claim that Dejavu is not well readable.)

I can say the association argument cuts both ways, first is familiarity. People tend to prefer things that are familiar, humans are habitual creatures. The other Dejavu has readability issues. I highlight some of the problems above, it also looks bad at HD screen resolution " I run a 1920x1080" and it gets really fugly when you up the font size to improve readability. However both the Wey and the Droid font, look more appealing then the current default as HD resolutions and larger sizes at these resolutions. As to your suggestion about Dejavu being used by many open source projects as a sign of success, show me alot of successful open source projects with high user adoption rates. Not trying to be snide here, but few exist and most of those Mozilla etc seem to have their own font schemes.

I hope you realize that this argument is not in favor of your own position. The font selection is a matter of taste, so no matter what font we chose as the default, people will always nitpick, no?

I am trying to show that A I understand both sides of poetnail issues, and B pointing out some glaringly flaws that I see on a user interaction level.

I am not at all against changing the default font. But first I would really love to hear some actual arguments why Dejavu is not readable, not professional and doesn't cut in in appearance.

Best regards,

If I have to actually illustrate why those statements are true from my Point of view, I doubt we will find common ground to agree about the differences. Needless to say the current fonts IMHO don't and as a business professional, they don't look professional. the Droid and Wey fonts, bring a touch of something thats hard to be quantified easily, but that touch is elegance, and sophistication. I can't convince you a Rolls Royce is a Professional and sophisticated look, if all you see if 4 tires a engine etc.

Take this with a grain of salt, but if your convinced their is no problem, how would I make a argument to the counter of that and have any success in getting you to review your opinion of the matter ? try looking at some different fonts ? look at some professional applications, BTW I am not saying other fonts on other systems are great. I hate that Ubuntu font, it looks like something a teenager would do and its kind of bubbly and it doesn't look good to me. It screams 15 year old kid.Its plain and it looks cheap and plasticky.

Have a good night


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