[gtk-server] Re: GTK Server ".cfg" File

  • From: Peter van Eerten <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 23:28:15 +0100

Hi Sunburned Surveyor,

Welcome to the GTK-server mailinglist!

With a default GTK-server installation on Windows, you will find the
"gtk-server.exe" binary and the "gtk-server.cfg" file in the directory:


If you cannot see this configfile, maybe your Windows Explorer is hiding files
with a ".cfg" extension. If this is not the case, please download the latest
configfile from


...and place it in the c:\GTK-server\ directory.

So to answer your question: the gtk-server configfile is not created by script,
but it already comes with the installer. The programmer (that is you) is free to
add or adjust any GTK functions in this configfile.

You also will find newLisp demo programs in the "\demo" subdirectory of the
GTK-server installation. These demo programs use the extension ".lsp".

Please let me know if you still experience problems with the gtk-server.cfg



Citeren Sunburned Surveyor <sunburned.surveyor@xxxxxxxxx>:

> The FAQ on the GTK - Server has the following section:
> " Q: I want to use other GTK functions than mentioned in your configfile!
>   A: Please read my tutorial carefully, and consult the GTK site. They
> have excellent   documentation and tutorials. You can extend the
> 'gtk-server.cfg' file yourself with the GTK functions you want to use!
> "
> I checked the tutorial, which is unfortunately geared towards Linux
> users and written with AWK, a scripting language that I am unfamiliar
> with.
> It appears that the gtk-server.cfg file is created by the script that
> will be using the GTK-Server. Is this correct? If it is correct, and I
> do want to add an additional GTK function to my config file, do I need
> to do it in the script calling the extra function? (I checked the
> GTK-Server installation folder on my nard-drive and wasn't able to
> find gth-server.cfg, so I'm guessing it is generated at runtime.)
> The manual does have a section that explains how to add the text
> necessary to enable a GTK function, but I couldn't discern the answers
> to the above questions.
> I have a Windows 2000 operating system, and I'm using the latest
> version of GTK and the GTK-Server available on the GTK-Server website.
> My scripting language is newLisp.
> I'm trying to get a handle on how newLisp works with GTK server before
> I get started with some GUI programming.
> I apologize in advance for my "windows-user" ignorance, and promise to
> collect my notes on newLisp/GTK-Server programming so I can write some
> better documentation for GTK-Server users that want to work with
> GTK-Server and newLisp on a Windows environment.
> The Sunburned Surveyor


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