[gtk-server] Re: GTK Server ".cfg" File

  • From: Peter van Eerten <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gtk-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 01:21:19 +0100

Hi Landon,

And now for some bad news ;-)

As you may know, the GTK-server opens libraries to lookup GTK functions. This is
the basic principle of the GTK-server. Looking deeper into the widget you want
to use - GtkMozEmbed - it appears that this widget is not kept in a separate
library (e.g. DLL).

I hacked through all the files in the Mozilla-tree but none of them contains any
functions related to GtkMozEmbed.

From the Mozilla website it is only possible to download the source .CPP and
header file, to add them to any of your own C/C++ programs.

In other words: the GTK-server cannot use this widget 'out of the box'. You need
to create a DLL for the GtkMozEmbed-widget yourself first, based on the source
.CPP and header file provided by the Mozilla website, and then you can use it
with the GTK-server.

Good luck with your C-experiences, take your time,



Citeren Sunburned Surveyor <sunburned.surveyor@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Peter,
> That is Awesome!! I will download the new version of GTK-Server as
> soon as I have the opportunity. I plan to start on the newLisp
> Application to convert Glade XML files to newLisp/GTK-Server scripts
> in the next couple of weeks. I'm still getting a handle on some of the
> newLisp syntax. Thank you for your great efforts! I'll let you know
> how it works when I get a chance to test it, but it may be a couple of
> weeks.
> Thanks again,
> Landon
> P.S. - I've decided to learn C before I tackle C++, so perhaps I will
> have the chance to contribute to the GTK-Server. ( Will  have to see
> how a rookie Java programmer picks up C.:] )

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