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 Rob said:
 > Anyway, It's getting very lonely on this board. Are there only the 4 of
> here? How are you getting on with reconstructing a Bible-based cosmology
> from the ground up, starting from the Babylonians? I haven't seen much
> activity on that, or indeed any at all. Let me know when you reach the
> that the Greeks had got to two thousand years ago, and I'll join in. In
> meantime, have a read of Allan Chapman's book 'Gods in the Sky' (
> http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0752261649/202-3254792-1538244 )
> give yourself a few pointers.

Thanks for the reminder Rob.

At some point back in history the cosmos model was based on what could be
observed along with the teachings of the Bible. The Sun and Moon were seen
to move accross the sky. Along came Copernicus and changed all that. What do
you think was his reason for doing it?


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