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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:10:36 -0500


From: "Chris Binder" <cpbinder@xxxxxxxxxxx>
yeah...but do you think the science center would not know:
a) What geocaching even is?

They might not but you can educate them.

b) Why there's a micro cache under the top-left nosebleed seat?

I would avoid putting a micro in one of the pay sections of the science center. And I would especially avoid putting on in a pay section that may not be available once a cacher pays to get in ie someone is sitting in or next to that seat. If you really want to get some upset with you have them pay to find a cache and then not be able to get to it.

Once you educate and get permission from the science center they may be very helpful and suggest some possible locations for a micro cache. I have found a micro inside a building in the Nashville zoo. The coordinates were for the door and then had clues to follow to the cache. The cache was a micro that was velcroed to the display panel for one of the exhibits (with permission of the zoo). A similar micro would work well with some of the permanent displays at the science center.


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