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  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:22:20 -0500

I was thinking about that...but seriously...these days, and unattended locker 
could spell trouble. Even If I talked to them.


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  Actually, Geocaching.com does NOT dictate the entire world of caches. Just 
the one's posted at that particular site. There are other sites with less 
stringent rules you can go post to.

  I wonder if having a cache in the science center is really going to bring 
more people there that wouldn't already go? I haven't done the GO-Busch cache 
or the City Museum Virtual because a cache is not enough incentive for me to go 
either place. If by chance I happen to be at either of those places, I might 
spend time doing a cache. But, even though I frequent the zoo, it took me 
several times to get all the caches there because my family wants to see the 
ZOO, not cache! :)  They complain that we never go to a playground just to play 
anymore. There's always a cache involved. LOL) And actual caches are far more 
incentive to all of us (in my family) than virtuals, the kids love to trade. 
Figure out a way to make us do scavenger hunt in the Science center and then 
take data to find a cache in forest park or something like that. Or better yet, 
work with the science center and see if you can hide one IN the center. Maybe 
find clues with in the center to get the combination to a locker there? 

  Just some suggestions. 

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