[GeoStL] Geocaching.com & Virtuals

  • From: "Chris Binder" <cpbinder@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Geocaching Newsgroup" <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:14:13 -0500

Ok...before you just haul off on me...just know that the following statements 
are explicitly my opinion and I'm not taking a shot at *gln or anyone over at 
    First off...My Science Center Virtual Cache wasn't approved...I kind of 
understand why...but seriously, many of us don't get a chance to go on down to 
the SLSC too often, and some of us have kids that dictate when, if ever, we all 
go to the science center. Honestly, I make the effort to make a cache that's 
good for the entire family. It's not one of those "hit-and-run" virtual caches 
that you can do over a lunch break. It's a cache that you need to park and find 
a sign inside of a building. It brings business to the science center, and 
allows families who don't get down there too often, to reward themselves for 
visiting with a cache find.
    Secondly, how do you feel on this issue: We buy the receiver. Some of us 
buy a charter membership. And geocaching.com dictates what the entire world of 
geocaching can and cannot do? :-) Personally...I like the website...I like the 
camaraderie that goes on in this newsgroup and in SLAGA. I like what SLAGA is 
doing. My problem is why geocaching.com is complaining on the number of 
    I'm not completely finished yet. I'm offering something constructive to 
say, bear with me: We all should work on a separate rule list that applies to 
virtual caches only. Like: No other virtuals within a .50 or a .75 mile radius. 
Or all virtuals should be above a rating of 2.0/1.0. Those are my thoughts. 
Thanks for listening. :-)


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