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  • Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 08:50:32 +1000

Dustin, sorry for all the "too & fro" on this subject. Appears that only
Mark has offered any real help to this point, so maybe (just to show
that I am not against supporting a "newbie") may I ask a few questions?

Do you understand the point of AD (Active Directory)?
Do you understand what Exchange can do for you (or your organisation)?
Do you understand what your boss will do to you if you mess this
installation up?
Do you have an Internet connection?
Is it dial-up or permanent?
Do you have a registered domain?
Do you know what MX & A records are?
Do you know what all of your IP addresses are that you will require?
Do you know how to setup user mail accounts?

There are many more questions that can & probably will be asked &
answered (some by yourself!) When these are answered to the group, you
will likely find a plethora of help! Maybe even from Steve Moffat?

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia

PS Yes, I am paid big bucks to setup clients Exchange Servers, no I do
not want any referrals from this group - therefore I am not advertising
my services!

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Hi there,

I am new in this forum. However, I installed Exchange 2000 on Windows
server. However, I don't know how to configure my exchange to work.
help. Thanks



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