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The moron who answered at least had the common courtesy to pick up a
manual & read some white papers & sought some peer support (if you call
Microsoft Training peer support) before even considering asking a
question on here.
Then I was at least able to formulate an intelligent question!
I also do not have a problem with Mark Fuggat advertising his training
courses on here. After all, part of the learning process with exchange
(other than this forum) is classroom training & installing from scratch.
Maybe if Dustin took one of these courses, he would not need to ask such
a question?
Also Mr Moffat, where do you get "flaming" from my post? I certainly did
not use any derogatory comments, perhaps a little dry humour?

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia

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Well then, the moron who answered would have been better directing his
wording to solicit some information on what was required from the guy,
rather than flaming him.

Haven't you ever been stuck while learning something as involved as


<big snip>

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