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In message <52683abfc9dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dave Symes <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
But I cannot (ever) Copy the graphic in OvPro to the clipboard and
thereafter Paste it into anything, even DPScan.

It would have to be (at best) .bmp, .wmf or .jpg - and the app. at the other end would have to be capable of loading those. As I've said I tried .bmp with no problem.

The trouble is that most of the graphics in OP documents are not of the above types. It would have been nice to allow Draw files to be copied to the clipboard, not particularly difficult either (doing Draw->WMF conversion).

We're on the edge of what works here and stuff that has been discussed before. I'm sort of under the impression that PNG transparency is OK in OPW.

Coming back to Clive's comments on text with styles via the clipboard. I think the situation is that I set off to do this, did all the ground work, like modifying the RTF filter, but could not get the main OP program to load the RTF without crashing.

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