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In message <685EFE53-7BD0-4EF3-9788-F6A6F4693415@xxxxxxxx>, Clive Bonsall <c.bonsall@xxxxxxxx> writes
before pasting it into a 2-column document. Why can't the RTF be imported
direct into my default document with 2-column layout?

The thing with RTF is that it specifies a document, the situation is like importing an OP document by dropping it into a text frame (which you can't do).

It occurs to me that the software could be a bit smarter, if you open RTF as a document treat it as such, and if you drop into a frame handle it as text.

Anther thing (and this may be asking too much) … currently formatting like
bold and italics is imported as effects. I already have <bold> and <italics>
styles set up and use them in preference to the corresponding effects. It would
be nice if the RTF filter could apply the styles on the fly (where they exist in
the default document), so that bold/italics appear as styles and not effects.

Hmm. I know what you mean.

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