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  • Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 12:49:40 +0000

On 03-11-2022 11:46, David Pilling wrote:


OP does its own thing for scrolling whilst you're dragging items
around. Off hand I don't think it is configurable and there is a
compromise. I often (possibly with other apps) get into the situation
of it taking too long to move from one place to another whilst
dragging something.

Well there is the script function autoscroll() but not sure if that is relevant to this discussion as I've never tried using it, and wouldn't know what settings to use. I suppose a bit of trial and error experimenting may be worth while. If I had more time I'd have a play, but sadly I'm busy migrating a bunch of internet domains as my hosting company is decommisioning it's servers in 7 days.


void autoscroll(
   int range,
   int a0,
   int a1,
   int a2);

This function controls the auto scrolling effect.
All the parameters are fractions 0x10000=1.0.

The first parameter is the fraction of the window width or height, which the pointer must be inside for auto scrolling to take place. By default this is 0x2000 or 1/8th.

If the distance into the scroll zone is x pixels which is a fraction z of the zone size, then the amount scrolled is


By default:



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