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Dear John.

Apparently, The US and the UK decided not to prosecute the German Leadership at Nuremberg for Genocide but for crimes against humanity. There were a number of reasons given, the main one being...which was the "elephant in the room" that the US President, UK prime minister and other leading lights in the Allied leadership, their ruling classes and military establishments could well be prosecuted for dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan,, as well as other atrocities committed against the German people during the Soviet Liberation. There was a discussion between the prosecuting counsel of the USA and UK and, at various times, with the USSR, regarding which charges should be brought against the 23 main perpetrators...(victims)...:-)...depending on ones point of view.

Meself...I think that they were ALL guilty of crimes against humanity...but there you are...who am I but a mere dystoped utopian...:-)....who believes that disagreements can be negotiated through compromise without the need for war. After all, people get on with one another most of the time... The history of my own clan, the clan McLean is cluttered with genocidal activities against other clans and vikki verki. Such is the way of the world.

Is there anything such as human rights and protection in International Law for the dead? Is there some way we can bring them all back to life again...:-)

see url:https://clg.portalxm.com/library/keytext.cfm?keytext_id=189

Snip<<<As Justice Robert Jackson, head of the U.S. delegation to the London Conference put it in 1945:

/“It has been a general principle of foreign policy of our Government from time immemorial that the internal affairs of another government are not ordinarily our business; that is to say, the way Germany treats its inhabitants, or any other country treats its inhabitants is not our affair any more than it is the affair of some other government to interpose itself on our problems. The reason that this program of extermination of Jews and destruction of the rights of minorities becomes an international concern is this: it was part of a plan for making an illegal war.”/

Jackson admitted, “We have some regrettable circumstances at times in our own country in which minorities are unfairly treated.” Linking violence against racial or ethnic groups to war kept U.S. actions toward people within its borders out of the question.<<< End of quote

The link to an “illegal war” was what made the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis illegal under international war.

see url: http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/karadzic-the-problem-with-international-justice/18184

see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_trials

English v Scots...the Aftermath of Culloden

The Scottish clans decided to attack England and marched all the way down to Derby, murdering, pillaging, robbing, raping as they went...a drunken whoring mob...where they stopped because they got tired, lonely and homesick and were overladen with booty. Meanwhile the English were scared shitless and they started to mobilise in London. The Scots returned to Scotland, to be followed much later by an English Army which took them too task at Culloden. After that, the same medicine was dished out, and the clans were banned, the kilt was banned and "Bonnie Prince Charlie" "God Bless Him" returned to France from whence he had come, defeated but happy ever after in the bosom of the King of France, who funded, nurtured and used him for his own purposes...Oh! it is all so romantic, Prince Charles was such a beautiful person and Hollywood has made lots of money out of portraying him as such...

see url.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_rising_of_1745



On 10/06/2016 15:12, John Young wrote:

Genocide of one's own people torments far greater than one's own
people's genocide of other people.

Commonplace to excuse genocide by focusing on being victim
rather than being perpetrator.

Different words are used for perpetrating genocide, conquest, liberation,
victory,defense, national security.

No people brag about genocide, all people condemn it, all people
do it.

Generics like people and genocide were invented to exculpate
generic mass murdering by individuals cloaking themselves
as my people.

People genocide, individuals murder.

Military makes war, never genocides, never murders, protects
its people.

Thank it for its service. Cheer parades, rue memorials, shit
on homeless vets, don't read unpleasant accounts of what
your people's violence did to innocents, believe those
innocents are hustlers for handouts.

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