[ciscomgr] Re: possible new @'s

  • From: Merlin Gillespie <mgillespie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 11:27:56 +0000

On Tuesday 01 Oct 2002 6:41 am, you wrote:

> so since nobody really seems to understand why serial1 currently is an =
> what do we do about it ?

If he/she is a she, then I think that he/she deserves it, if he/sh is a h=
then I think that he/she should be questioned about whether he/she has=20
sisters, and then unless he/she has many that are free and easy he/she sh=
be zapped!

> another occurance of timezone issues... agreed mirco does not talk much
> but when he does its prolly when you people are sleeping and us jewro
> trashies are trying to wake the fuck up etc... he'd be a networking dud=
> working in switzerland with much more clue than your average #cisco @ .=

Mirco seems pretty cool, for a person from switzerland, I like him, he ta=
about stuff that relates to service providers, rather than stuff that rel=
to certificates etc. and seems to know his shit.

> no way no... :) But uhmm is there a technical reason for needing 2 logi=
> nowaddays that X allows multiple logins etc ? eye am easily confused...

cybersex, you have to stoop to subterfuge to do it properly and have peop=
think you're someone else.

> cool... or maybe we need strictops again... why is he all the time @'ed
> when he is not an @ ? I dont think i added him to ciscoops list yet but=
> sure i would have if he had been awake when i asked @'s to tell me thei=
> email addy...

usmc - fairly cool and knows a little bit, I thought everyone was pished =
him though?!? didn't he get all peckerwood?

> if we have reached out maximum channel size for current undernet
> population then i guess not... of course it is unfair to have clued peo=
> remain @'less while at the same time having unclued nontalking people l=
> serial1 @'ed and telling those clued people that they cant be @ just
> because of some ratio thing...

we could start giving regulars that don't suck automode voice?=20
ratios don't bother me, so long as the ratio of ops:nonops is roughly=20
proportional to the ratio of nice/clever people:$nice/clever people


p.s that email was entirely too serious, I must lower the tone:

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