[ciscomgr] Re: possible new @'s ?

  • From: tlv <tlv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:43:17 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Merlin Gillespie wrote:

> On Monday 30 Sep 2002 4:45 pm, you wrote:
> a:
> > gene.kenney@xxxxxxxxxxxx unsubscribed from list ciscomgr
> > Command came from: tlv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

some dude who fell for my BS mailinglist description and wanted
to join the eleet of the "people who order or whatever cisco products"
or whatever i pretended this list was for... :)

> who the hell was that?!?!?
> > The following names come to mind when talking about unactive/useless
> > @'s (some of them i might be wrong
> > about due to timezone issues so please correct me if i am wrong...):
> > rickgid: rick used to be cool but then he fucked off
> > egami: ditto
> > pomol: he comes around sometimes, dunno who he is tho..
> > serial1: I still have no fucking clue who that is

well, he was added as one of the first @'s ever that much i remember...
maybe omega/xian remember just why the fuck we did that? :)
Maybe we could give him a little wakeupcall to let him know that a
minimum of participation would be most appreciated...

> > mikek (who is that ?) Isn't that ciscokid?

yeah i thought that might be it...

> > snapdad: what happened to that fucker?

i think there was a time when he actually talked... has anyone seen him
around ?

> > Any ideas/thoughts/comments ?
> The people who don't hang around it obviously doesn't really affect if th=
> ey=20
> have access or not,  the people who don't hang around, I don't see any=20
> problem in removing, we can always add em back in if they come back...
> people that do hang around, but the people who are around, but NEVER TALK=
> !!!

yeah i'll go through X and remove them fools we havent seen for ages, if
they complain it means they are alive :)

> e.g serial1 who is always about.. but I have never seen talk.... it might=
>  just=20
> be me that has never seen he/she talk..dunno, second thoughts?
> > p.s: who is buddgreen and why does he/it have level 269 which is clearl=
> y
> > reserved to horny and/or sexxy females who deliver pr0n or sexual
> > fantasies of some kind ?
> That's joe isn't it?

hmm yeah i had a feeling it might be... care to take your level to a non
HOT FEMALE level ? :) (you can conquer 369 forya old man! :)

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