[ciscomgr] possible new @'s

  • From: <ruperts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciscomgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 20:54:14 -0400

The following names come to mind when talking about unactive/useless
@'s (some of them i might be wrong
about due to timezone issues so please correct me if i am wrong...):
mikek (who is that ?)

I think most of those were added because they were ircops, at least snapdad, 
rickster, egami, and pomol.
Serial1 somehow got added during the lucid/#cisco split when they was 
recreating the X access for #ciscoSystems for the brief time it was the main 
channel as near as I can tell from the logs. His was probably a mistake, 
somebody thinking he was somebody else.
Mikek I have no idea who that is. Come to think of it, who is mirco?

p.s: who is buddgreen and why does he/it have level 269 which is clearly
reserved to horny and/or sexxy females who deliver pr0n or sexual
fantasies of some kind ?

budgreen is r|p, so I certainly hope you are not having sexjewel fantasies 
about him :c)

usmc666 seems like a good choice for a probationary @ period at least - clued 
more than average and active in the channel. Would just have to see how he does 
before added to X. 

Or do we even need more ops? We have a pretty high ratio of ops to users 
currently, more than most channels. As I am typing this there is 75 people in 
the channel, 34 of them with ops (tho not all are separate ppl, u have nick1 
and nick1work, and mpls, X)


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