[CIAM-F6-Working_Group] Re: Artistic Aerobatics model weight

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Dear Guy,

Personally, I don't understand the spirit of the AA rules if we accept 
expensive powerfull heavy jet on one side and light propeller plane on the 
other?! (like Robert Herzog told you as well)
I don't understand either why biplane, triplane, etc. shoud be keept away from 
a competition which mix prop plane, helicopter and jet...

Keep it  affordable:
A 3m plane is expensive! But to travel with is even more expensive and 
difficult. (some wellknown and sponsorized pilots keep their plane on the other 
side of the Atlantique for the next event due to that reason!)
That's why we need limits.

Keep it natural:
The 8kg limit  from Donatas is a very good start.
A usual 8kg biplane is around 1.8m and a 8kg monoplane around 2.2m
(fuel, smoke, battery, etc included?...)
As told before, this allows cheaper gas engines.
If somebody can build a 2.5m biplane at that weight: congratulations, that's 
just well done! The spectators will see a different kind of flight: "Great 
isn't it!"

Keep it free:
About the noise: throttle is a proportional control. You can really enhance a 
flight on music with the noise of your plane (engine, but prop or even the 
whistling of the plane :-)
If nobody can hear the music, I don't think the points will be good.
Why a pilot could not make the engine/prop screaming  during some hard rock or 
classical fortissimo!?

Just my 2cents

Best regards,

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  Dear all,

  As most of you know, the amendment proposals that were not discussed during 
the last CIAM Plenary will be presented again at the next meeting.

  One of these proposals may need further discussion. It concerns the deletion 
of the weight limit for F6A airplanes. It has been pointed to me that the 
amended rule (2 m maximum wingspan, no weight limit) woudl open the way to 
multiplane monsters (think about a 2-metres, 15 kg, DA-150-powered Ultimate. 
This would obvioulsy negate the spirit of the present AA rules.

  One of the options I was offered was to further limit the wingspan for 
biplanes, as it is done with some freestyle classes. However, thinking about it 
and noting the fact that biplaned have completely disappeared from the 
competition circuit for years., I tend to think that the most adequate solution 
would be to limit AA competitions to monoplanes.

  Your input, please.

  Guy R. 

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