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  • From: Guy Revel <guyrevel@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: ciam-f6-wg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 00:58:01 +0200

Hi Richard,

Yes I understand and yo have good arguments.
But you see how all matters are interrelated. A 5x2 with scores written on a score sheet, back to be processed at the end of the slote to provide the accumulated times is a big no-no if you want to interest more than the competitors themselves. Using two timepieces is out.So we are left with a specially-made software and wireless comunication. 0f course it can be done (I'm sure Tomas is already thinking about it) and PDA's are getting common nowadays, but I just waqnt to underline that writing rules without a mean to make them practical would not reach the goal. It would be increasingly easy to disseminate a specially-written software, probably for Windows Mobile, and have it work on most PDAs, but is has to be done or the goal will not be reached.

Well, we are still at the beginning of the road anyway. Any more idea about the 5x2 or a version of it to replace the knock-out finals ?

Guy R.

At 19:21 02/07/2009, you wrote:

I see where you are going with the idea. However having a max-flight time of 2 minutes will provide more separation in the scores for several reasons.

1. Only in exceptional conditions can all pilots expect to get 2 minutes from all-5 flights. If we extended the maximum flight time, pilots who might not be able to fly 2 mins for all five flights, might bag a 5 minute flight when it is possible in the round, meaning all other flights only have to be around the 1:15 mark. Obviously this turns the task into a pure turn-around test and will provide less separation in the scores.

2. With a maximum flight time, some tactics do have to come into play. Flying even a fraction longer than 2mins is wasted time and will show up in the scores. Pilots who are really fighting will aim to land on 1:59 so there is no time wasted in the air (turnarounds take > than 1 second). This is much more of a test for pilots and will provide a greater separation in scores.

3. In difficult conditions when 2:00 is not easy to achieve, then the pilot with the best ability to keep his model in the air will win.

4. In good conditions, with all pilots able to fly for 2 minutes, it is an exciting spectacle to watch them all catch and launch at the same time.

Importantly, the F3K 5x2 pilot is a well liked task by hand-launch pilots. It tests them on a variety of skills and is the most physically demanding of all.

I have attached some individual round results from UK competitions using the 5x2 task. As you can see it is very uncommon for a pilot to get within 15 seconds of a "perfect" 600 seconds (it is also impossible to get 600 seconds). Only on one occasion have pilots ever tied scores.

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