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Why avoid Mandrake? It is optimized for i586. AFAIK, p133 is i586,
therefore mandrake will probably run a little faster than red hat.

- Greg

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As to distro, definitely avoid Mandrake, which is optimized to
higher-end PII and up. Redhat is good, but there are issues with 7.0 and
7.1. If you want to go RH, try getting ahold of RH 6.2, which is sweetly
put together :)

You could try Debian, which is a fairly light distro, but it's not too
terribly beginner-friendly. I'd say go with RH 6.2. You can get CDs for
El Cheapo at cheapbytes.com...

>If this goes well... I should have Kylix in a year and start porting
>Calmira :)


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