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OK, it got long..I broke it into headings
1. XWin
2. Redhat/linux
3. DOS
4.  ...

1.     Xwindows is not just Linux product, it's a standard 
product for several OS's including *nix's.  It's a terminal 
replacement for people who wanted more than text on their 
mainframe.  It also happens to run fine on my PC under Linux.
     Most X11 window managers just give you a resize 
border and a popup desktop menu that allows you to control 
running programs or run programs from a list in a file 
(like start.ini under calmira) Some do more, some people 
don't use one. (no borders, no menu's?????)

2.       I'm running RedHat5.2 which is easier to install than
 win95 but not quite as obvious as win98.   Linux is miles 
from being a minix clone, and AFAIK, minix source wasn't 
available when Torvald wrote the linux kernel (which was 
based on the '386 architecture).

3.     As far as the DOS bashing going on, there's nothing 
really unstable about DOS, M$ just did a bad job of 
building on top of it, that's all.  In NT they started over 
(kinda) and did a better job.  DOS itself is a very nice 
little operating system, but true to its roots -- Q-DOS ie. 
Quick & Dirty Operating System (did you think 'D' stood 
for Disk?)  It was good for manufacturers to 
get a machine up and running overnight in order to 
test their products, but they weren't supposed to subject 
unsuspecting civilians to it.

     I hear macOS X is a *nix!!

>Do I win a prize?
>-- Erwin Dokter
Yes, sure, you win a free lollipop, just send $5.00 S&H.  

         o o

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