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Hi, Lissi. A lot of us braille readers do want page numbers retained, but as I 
said the other day in a message to Cindy, we really do need to be careful about 
inserting characters so the page numbers don't get removed. Yes, they are 
removed in the braille file, but they are put into the tags for the DAISY 
files, so if you fix it so the page numbers are not removed, they won't be in 
the DAISY tags. We'll be solving one problem and creating another one. Take 
Julie Morales
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  Dear Bookshare Friends,

  I can hear you now. "oh no. Not another one." Sorry, but it is the question 
you've heard over and over and I'm still perplexed.

  I've just finished validating a long book, nearly 500 pages. The biggest 
challenge was to make the format uniform.

  After reviewing my saved Bookshare advice files, I'm still worried about 
uploading the book.

  I'm concerned about page numbers. I still don't understand how the stripper 
works. As the rich text file edited with microsoft word using jaws and windows 
XP, I began each page as follows,

  Jaws says page break
  Jaws says the page in a low voice at the beginning of the page where I have 
done the following

  line 1 is blank line jaws says blank

  line 2. Page number at beginning of next line - jaws says the number

  line 3 blank line, jaws says blank

  4th line text begins, Jaws begins reading.

  Also, I left one blank line at the end of each page. 

  In one of the messages I reviewed, Jake seemed to be saying to Cindy that if 
she had two lines of writing together followed by a blank line and then text, 
the stripper would ignore it.

  should I put a star on the line directly above the page number, or three 
dashes so I'll have 2 lines of text together where I want the page number to 
be?. Should it be, line 1, blank, 2, star or dashes, 3 the number 4 blank and 5 
the text? Should I leave one blank line at the bottom of each page or more? I 
don't  want to add extra characters for a braille reader to have to skim over 
or a listener to hear again and again unless they help keep the page numbers in 

  I'm sorry to rehash this.

  Always With Love,


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