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But if I start with nearly none present or readable (italic misrecognitions
on antique fonts), where should I put them.  I need them myself, just to
proof chapter books accurately, so if I am inserting, they can already be


Thanks for all your help!






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I used to do that but I think we've recently been informed that we don't
have to worry about that any more; the bookshare conversion process will
take of that.


Wish List (i.e., books wanted added to the collection) and
books-being-scanned list available at sites below

Wish List: https://wiki..benetech.org/display/BSO/Bookshare+Wish+List

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From: Valerie Maples <vlmaples@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [bksvol-discuss] pagination
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Okay, I'm sure you all are sick of my newbie questions, but I've got
another. Smiles. Most books that I am scanning or proofing do not have the
page number on the first page of the chapter until the bottom of the page,
and in the middle at that.  Also, most left facing book pages are numbered
on the left and most right facing pages are on the right. Is it better to
standardize everything and just put them all in the upper left corner of
each page, regardless of how it starts out, especially for the cases where
you are re-creating pagination? I tend to be a traditionalist and keep
things exactly as I see them, but I am guessing that both for searches and
orientation that the upper left hand corner of every page might be easiest.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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