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  • From: "Valerie Maples" <vlmaples@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 02:21:23 -0500

Not sure why, but a book I scanned shows the page numbers in the FineReader
document, but not in Word.  I could add headers, but I have not been able to
start the numbering where I want.  And, I am not sure I really want true
headers.  However, adding 180 protected page numbers does not sound like
fun, either...

Another odd thing.  When I standardized justification, a couple of
paragraphs combined.  I was able to manually identify the ones with dialog
via quote marks with a space between, but when I tried to change them
through find and replace, I could not get them to start with the proper
indent and adding indent (^t) to the replace moved it in too far.

Tired and confused and heading to bed...

Currently scanning "Don't You Wish" by Robin Jones Gunn/ the Sierra Jensen
Happy Belly, Happy Smile

Currently proofing:  Angel Pawprints  by Laurel e. Hunt
Imprisoned In The Golden City (Trailblazer Books #8) by Neta & Dave Jackson
Ten Days To Self-Esteem

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