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Hi, Bob!


I would have except there were all but two page numbers in their own lines,
so after Esther got me those to page's information, I was able to work with
it.  I am nothing if not persistent.  Or crazy?  LOL


If I had a hard copy, it would be a breeze, but we do not have this one
available for check out.  Sure wish I did.






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No page breaks either? I'm afraid I would reject it just on that alone.



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Unfortunately there were not;  it was all continuous text with single
paragraph marks at the end lines,  not even any hard page breaks when I got
it.   Oh,  well,  tackle tonight.    Smiles.  




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On 09 19, 2009, at 4:40 PM, Jamie Yates, CPhT wrote:


What I do when there is a paragraph marker (line break) after every line, IF
there is a double paragraph marker where the paragraphs go, is replace all
^p^p with qqq. Then I replace all single ^p with a space. Then I go back and
replace the qqq with a ^p to get the paragraphs back. Then finally I replace
the ^m with a ^p^m^p to make sure there is a blank line before and after all
page breaks.


This ONLY works IF the paragraphs are indicated by two paragraph markers
(^p^p). If not it will not work. But I've found where there is a line break
(single ^p) at the end of every line, usually there is a double paragraph
marker at the paragraphs.

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