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I'll have to try that next time. Do I understand you properly Jake? I can scan 
a table that's in a book and it will OCR as a table? Then why are they not 
turning out properly in books that people are scanning? Why do they ask to have 
me do something with them? 

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> Hi Devorah,
> It looks like lots of people have already given you good
> advice. I'll just add that you can use an actual
> "table" that a word processor would use. For
> example the tables that Microsoft Word will make under the
> Table menu are converted into DAISY tables, which may add
> extra navigation features. 
> Sincerely,
> Jake
> Jake Brownell
> QA Engineer, Bookshare.org
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>   Folks,
>   I know there have been discussions about tables and
> I'm sorry I don't remember what was said. The
> well-scanned book I'm validating has an occasional
> table. One table, for example, has three columns and seven
> rows. But some spaces are empty. I mean the left hand
> column has five entries, the middle column has seven
> entries. I'm working with a copy of the printed book
> because there are lots of symbols in the book, and tarot
> card layouts and other diagrams.
>   I have to re-type this table anyway, because I can't
> straighten it out as is. But as a sighted volunteer, I
> don't know what the best way to do it is. Can someone
> send me a written example? Or give me some hints? I thought
> maybe I need to do a bracketed validator note explaining
> that it's a three column table, name the column
> headings, sort of narrate through the table. 
>   Or should I just retype the table and maybe put dashes
> between the columns? It's all words and names.
>   I'd love to hear suggestions.
>   Thanks,
>   Devorah
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