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  • Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 19:18:23 -0700

What I remember from previous discussions on the list is for small tables you can describe the row and column headings and the contents by row or column, however for longer tables, it is best to make them into MS Word tables. Apparently the bookshare tools understand these and convert them to tables that you can move through by voice in the daisey edition. I don't remember how they turn out in braille. Do not just make the table by putting tabs between the entries because the bookshare tools take them out and smash everything together.


Devorah Greenstein wrote:


I know there have been discussions about tables and I’m sorry I don’t remember what was said. The well-scanned book I’m validating has an occasional table. One table, for example, has three columns and seven rows. But some spaces are empty. I mean the left hand column has five entries, the middle column has seven entries. I’m working with a copy of the printed book because there are lots of symbols in the book, and tarot card layouts and other diagrams.

I have to re-type this table anyway, because I can’t straighten it out as is. But as a sighted volunteer, I don’t know what the best way to do it is. Can someone send me a written example? Or give me some hints? I thought maybe I need to do a bracketed validator note explaining that it’s a three column table, name the column headings, sort of narrate through the table.

Or should I just retype the table and maybe put dashes between the columns? It’s all words and names.

I’d love to hear suggestions.



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